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Welcome to FINEL

Welcome to the finite elements model package web-site of Svašek Hydraulics. On this website information can be found about Svašek's 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional numerical flow models FINEL2D and FINEL3D.

FINEL2D is a two-dimensional numerical flow model based on the shallow water equations. FINEL2D is able to simulate flow and transport processes in rivers and coastal waters. Since FINEL2D contains a robust procedure for drying and flooding of tidal flats it is also suitable to model flow and morphology in estuaries.

FINEL3D is a fully 3-dimensional flow model, based on the complete Navier-Stokes equations. No assumptions are made with respect to the vertical pressure distribution, hence the model is especially suited to compute currents which vary strongly in both horizontal and vertical directions. FINEL3D is able to compute 3-dimensional density currents resulting from salinity and cold/warm water interactions.

The finite element method offers almost unlimited flexibility in grid generation.

More information about the FINEL2D and FINEL3D model can be found in the various pages on this website.