FINEL (Finite Elements)

Svašek Hydraulics


FINEL2D, a 2-dimensional numerical flow model

Within the finite element model package of Svašek Hydraulics, FINEL2D is the two-dimensional numerical flow model. Based on the shallow water equations, FINEL2D is able to simulate flow and transport processes in rivers and coastal waters. Since FINEL2D contains a robust procedure for drying and flooding of tidal flats it is also suitable to model flow and morphology in estuaries.

The finite element method offers almost unlimited flexibility in grid generation. Special features, like harbour moles, or a complicated coastline can be accurately incorporated in the grid.

Morphological modules are used for the calculation of both cohesive and non-cohesive sediment transport. The the consequent changes in seabed level can be directly linked to the hydrodynamic model. The wave model SWAN can be linked to the hydrodynamic and morphological modules to account for wave-driven currents, current-wave interaction and the stirring of the sediment due to waves.

Parallel computing techniques can distribute FINEL2D computations over several CPU’s, enabling large timescales or large grids.

Svašek Hydraulics has developed several large scale FINEL2D models, i.e. European Continental Shelf (ECSM), East Coast North America (AECM) and South East Asia (SEAM). This models can be used for a whole range of engineering purposes. For example of water level and current forecasts for ship routing, off-shore construction activities or extreme sea level analysis.

For three-dimensional applications the non-hydrostatic model FINEL3D is available.