FINEL (Finite Elements)

Svašek Hydraulics


Sediment transport

In FINEL2D a great number of different sediment transport formulas can be used. Both formulas for sand and silt (mud) are available. For areas where both sand and silt are present the combined sand-mud interaction can be used (see sand-mud interaction). In some sediment transport formulas the wave related bed shear stress can be given to account for the stirring effect of waves (see waves).

An overview of available formulas is:


  • Engelund Hansen
  • Van Rijn
  • Meyer Peter Mueller
  • Van Rijn 1984
  • Bijker
  • Soulsby-Van Rijn


  • Krone / Partheniadis

  • An example of FINEL2D sediment transport can be found in the right hand panel.